LESSONS: Group, Private, Semi-Private



      Wedding Dance Lessons

Take the stress out of learning to dance on such an important day and let us join you in the comfort of your home.  Learn in a relaxed, non-threatening way.  Take a single "last-minute" class or a series of private lessons, and discover what truly happens when two people dance together!

We also design unique  demos and lessons for weddings, parties and other events.  Our goal is to make every event interactive, educational, and inspiring.

We love weddings, and we love being able to contribute a bit of our passion to other people's life-changing experiences.  A series of four lessons is our recommended minimum to learn just enough of what you need to know to dance smoothly and with poise at your wedding.  We suggest starting at least one month before the big day.  Of course, if you have more time and enough patience, you can take as many lessons as you would like.

   Partner Duets

We perform many different styles-traditional and elegant like Fred and Ginger; swingin' and joyful; sensuous, passionate, and bluesy.  Every performance is an improvised exploration of movement and music in the moment.  Let our special magic inspire you.  Then we'll show you how it's done.

We teach and perform at parties, weddings, festivals, and other events.  Our unique approach to performance and instruction is the perfect antidote for shy relatives, unengaged participants, or reluctant guests.  Let our partner dance demonstration show what's possible, and then we'll teach everyone how to take the first step themselves.


   Private Lessons

Having personalized attention is a direct and comfortable way to learn to dance.  Working just with you, or with you and a partner, we can pay more attention to everything you do.  You get to try more "moves", you receive more feedback, and in a shorter amount of time you will uncover a style of dancing all your own.  You also get to ask all the questions you want, determine what music we use (if you so desire), and proceed at your own pace.



Let our special magic inspire you. 

An Office Party with a twist!
Treat your staff to a fantastic Office Party that gets everyone moving. Yes, we mean everyone! Every office deserves a party where absolutely EVERYONE gets involved.
Don’t put up with those tired old Christmas parties where the Finance Department sticks to themselves and the Sales guys take over the dancefloor. You can have a fun Christmas party that gives you activities designed to get the room moving, get the dance floor happening and include all the people who don’t usually dance.  You can have access to a work party that will keep people talking for months to come. 

Sample Christmas Party

  • Two sizzling performances… one bluesy and the other jazzy… specialized performances to leave you touched and inspired
  • One warm up dance that gets the whole room moving, laughing and having fun. It’s so easy even the most uncoordinated people get it!
  • Two games the whole room can be involved in.  These specifically designed games provide entertainment and involvement for the entire group. They will be the highlight of the party, the whole room gets lifted from the energy & laughter created and those that leave the night early, get to go away with a feeling of fun and happiness
  • Music provided with full DJ capabilities
  • Master of Ceremonies for activities, speeches, opening & closing of the event
Parties can be designed to suit your specific needs, our flexible design means you can impact your event no matter where it is, onsite at your office or offsite at a corporate retreat.